Strolling" is a series created by cecileemeke where she literally strolls around with people as they talk about the various issues affecting them. It’s brilliant. 

Several videos have been released, featuring Black women just doing their thing, being effortlessly fly as we’re wont to do, but this one stood out for me because Vanessa is totally someone I would drink bottomless mimosas with and not give a damn about people giving us rude looks because we’re passionately discussing free tampons. I’m so with her on this - TAMPONS SHOULD BE FREE Y’ALL.

This episode also goes a bit deeper as Vanessa discusses rape culture and her life as an actress struggling with typecasting, stereotypes, and colorism. Sort of refreshing (but still very depressing) to hear Black folks from different parts of the world noting how important representation is. Validating, even. We’re all connected.

- Alesia

Black women are not objects, we are people. And it’s not perverse for a man who is not Black to find us attractive. To imply that a Black woman cannot be attractive to another race due to her beauty–physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually–rather than superficial things like sex degrades the Black woman and strips her of the dignity and honor that she deserves.